Musical Fairytales

Presented by Hobuco

Musical Fairytales introduce young listeners to classical music in a fun way, while demonstrating the power of music in guiding your imagination.

About Us

Hobuco is a collaboration between violinist Belinda Ho and composer Oscar Bustillo. Based in Miami, the duo are musical architects that pair classical masterpieces with childhood stories in a series called Musical Fairytales. Both Ho and Bustillo are active musicians and advocates for music education in the South Florida community.

Belinda Ho is the leader of Baby B Strings, a string quartet with an open and forward-thinking attitude about the role of string players in the art world. She can often be found playing Bach or The Beatles in a venue that has never hosted a classically trained musician. A veteran of the South Florida arts scene, she has worked alongside major artists, including Steve Miller (of Steve Miller Band), Maxwell, Mark O'Connor, and Black Violin. She is also responsible for many of Baby B Strings' original arrangements.


Oscar Bustillo was born in New York to exiled Cuban parents, and studied with prominent conductors such as Gustav Meier and Markand Thakar at the Peabody Institute. He was Assistant Conductor to The Sarasota Orchestra, the Bridgeport Symphony, and has extensive experience conducting ballet, opera, and musical theatre. As a pianist, he has appeared as a soloist, a chamber musician, and with orchestras around the country. His original compositions have been chosen as runner-up for the CINTAS Fellowship Award and have been used in various films.